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Of course, no matter your sign, dating a Leo means turning up the heat. From verbal affirmations to giant displays of affection, Leo loves being in love and wants the world to know it. Both natural leaders, Aries and Leo make a super hot pair. Aries has got the fire, the oomph, and commitment to the relationship. The pairing of two fire signs creates a passionate and fiery relationship that Leo craves. The sign of communication, air sign Gemini is another great match for the lion. This connection is successful on both an intellectual and physical level.

Independent and adventurous Sagittarius understands Leo on a deeper level. Supporting and inspiring each other's choices, these two fire signs just get each other. What was that lesson in chemistry class? According to Carey, sometimes the best match for a confident and majestic Leo is another confident and majestic Leo. If balanced correctly, there is no stopping a Leo-Leo pair.

A natural leader and a loyal partner, Leo loves to be in love. Beware of emphatic statements on both sides, which can threaten to end things in a dramatic grand finale. If Venus Aries' eyes wander, or they show waning attention, the Lion roars. After a fight, Aries wakes up with amnesia and a smile, while Leo never forgets. Love between these two will grow given enough stability and sensory stimulation. Both are lovers of the arts and of anything creative and unique. Concerts, art openings, movies, and the latest hot restaurant are all good bets for first dates.

Both Leo and Taurus value loyalty, and both are outwardly affectionate. Most importantly, stable Taurus is secure enough to let Leo grab the spotlight.

In the long term, however, their extravagant tastes could lead to conflicts over the household budget. The urge for both is to live their values and passions to the fullest, and they get irritable when their high standards are not met. Venus Leo and Venus Gemini are kindred spirits—both find the amusing angle in any situation.

5 Things A Leo Does When They Have A Crush

First dates become a chance to make each other laugh, with each trying to top the other. These two are drawn to games, amusement parks, improv, fashion, and anything novel. There will be many days and nights spent in colorful places, actively engaging with the world, and each other. At some point, however, Venus Leo might wonder if life is all fun and games to Venus Gemini.

A sticking point for Leo is loyalty, and Gemini is known to be capricious. Living with the uncertainty of loving such an erratic, changeable character may be hard on the heart. Conversely, Leo's attempts to rein in flighty Gemini might come off as overdramatic and domineering and could give Gemini the jitters. There could be other factors, though, in the synastry, that give their love a more constant nature.

If Venus Leo can accept Venus Gemini's need for space and lightness, this has the makings of a lifelong relationship. One thing that stands out is a shared love of children and all things related to childhood.

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First dates could begin with swapping stories of memorable events, and impressions from growing up. But what about going out? Venus Cancer is by and large a homebody, only truly comfortable among people they know and trust. Venus Leo, on the other hand, sees all the world as a stage and is buoyed by seeing admiration in others' eyes.

Venus Leo gets restless for excitement and will become irritable, even aggressive if stuck in the same old same old. Venus Leo also tends toward high drama, while the Venus Cancer lover can be shy with feelings at least in public. What Leo wants is ardent passion.

Best Match For Leo: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

What they get is the Crab's invisible, but palpably felt, webbing of emotion. This can feel comforting or claustrophobic. But the big differences in love styles can be met with compromise and by understanding each other's nature. What matters is that each wants to be deeply loved and understood for the unique person they are.

When that's fostered, the relationship can be a success. Can one relationship contend with two drama kings, queens, or one of each? That's the question here, with two lovers who bask in the admiration of the other.

Leo Sexual Compatibility: Selfish and Enthusiastic in Bed

And vice versa? That's a core theme, but beyond that, it's a match with a lot going for it. Both are risk-takers, but also prone to seeing only what they want to see. A breathless affair could be short-lived if reality intrudes and bursts the fantasy. Lions make super-fun parents, and take great pride in their children. Holidays and birthday parties are standout moments. Both crave luxury and stylish clothes and enjoy being seen. As creative powerhouses, each will support the other's ambitions.

If these two don't block the other but instead combine their energies, this is a magnificent match.

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Venus Leos want their Venus Virgo lovers to be visibly enthralled, overwhelmed by Leo's special something. A Venus Virgo helpmate has a natural reserve, but they are diligent in creating a daily rhythm that works in practice. What they lack in theatrics, they make up for in sincerity, loyalty, and devotion. Venus Virgo is modest and meticulous, while Venus Leo is self-aggrandizing and dramatic.

As such, Venus Leo might feel silently judged for tooting their own horn. Still, the Venus Virgo lover has a sensuous streak underneath all that reserve. Plus, they can help scattered Venus Leo ground and focus their enthusiasm to achieve a productive rhythm. Venus Leo admires Venus Libra 's social ease and ability to always look put together. Both romantics at heart, their love affair is the centerpiece of a fabulous life.

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Venus in Libra is chatty, though, and this can intrude on Leo's desire to be the center of attention. Venus in airy Libra finds pleasure in sharing ideas, always seeking new ways to bring balance and beauty to the relationship.