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If the above combinations are in trine to Lagnamsa, then the person makes a living from this knowledge. If they are in trine to the Karakamsa, then the magic is very strong and is used for either auspicious or inauspicious purposes respectively. For example, in charts of Vaisnava acaryas great gurus , yogakaraka Saturn is often in trines, as are Jupiter and Mercury.

Ketu positioned in the 4th or 12th houses from Karakamsa Lagna, especially in the sign of Pisces or Cancer, and conjoined or aspected by benefics, gives moksa or final emancipation to the soul. Benefics in 12th from Svamsa give elevation to svarga-loka or the various planetary systems of the demi-gods and demi-goddess. In this connection, note that there are seven upper planetary systems beginning with bhu-loka Earth , and culminating with the topmost planetary system of satya-loka, the planet of Brahma.

The three natural benefics: Venus, Mercury and Moon, respectively, rule svarga-loka, mahar-loka and jana-loka. The planets of asceticism and transcendental knowledge, Saturn and Jupiter respectively, rule each of tapa-loka and satya-loka. With respect to Saturn, he must be powerful as a functional benefic and yogakaraka in order to take the soul to tapa-loka in the next life, the planet of great yogis and ascetics.

Literal Translation: Karakamsa in benefic signs, benefic planets in Lagnamsa and planets in exalted, own house or in benefic signs without conjunction or aspect of malefic planets indicate moksha for the native. The other effects can be understood from the benefic and malefic influence on the houses and the planets. The real clue to study the results of planets in the Karakamsa charts was indicated by Sri Rangacharya in his Jaimini Sutramritam and Krishna Mishra also endorses that method.

For example, if Venus in 2nd house, three types of results can be identified according to the longitude obtained by him. Houses from Karakamsa Lagna:. Generally the planets show the influence of the native on the society and their dignity shows the extent to which it effects the society where as the bhavas show the external influence that the society puts on the native.

So a planet as Atmakaraka indicate the born qualities of the native and in a bhava indicate the circumstances that society creates. The results of houses from Karakamsa Lagna are indicated below, the list is not complete, though. In this paper, some illustrative charts will be studied in light of above points, and it would take a complete book to explain each and every combination in Karakamsa chart.

Devotion — Ishta Devata. Sage Jaimini gave rare combinations to know devotion Devata Bhakti aspect of the native vide the sutras from to The 12th house from Karakamsa Lagna shows the devotion Bhakti of the native and Jaimini gave specific combinations for different forms of Istha Devata. The benefic influence on 12th house indicate the person attaining the mukti and vice-versa. Krishna Mishra extended those combinations further and mentions that Devata Bhakti from 5th house of Yogada Planet. The efficacy of this wonderful Jaimini System will be proved with some illustratious charts.

Sage Jaimini listed in his Upadesa Sutras that benefic planet in 12th house and more specifically Ketu in the 12th house leads to Moksha. When Karakamsa Lagna falls in Sagittarius and Ketu in 12th, the chances of native attaining the higher lokas is certain. Krishna Mishra further extends that the native will attain moksha in this incarnation if these combinations occur in benefic signs.

Sage Jaimini lists out the importance of the sign in 12th house of the Karakamsa vide the sutra Translation: If the 12th house falls either in Pisces or Cancer or Aries or Sagittarius indicates the person attains final emancipation. The above principle can be further extended for 12th falling in Scorpio yet for a lesser result. Example: Srila Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


No t e : The horoscope was generated using an open source software modified by the scribe. This software is targeted mostly towards ]aimini system. Phalaratnamala gives the calculation of Shri Lagna, which is, in fact, connected, to Venus and Moon sign lord. I hope now readers could understand why Shri Lagna is important for prosperity and Venus Goddess Lakshmi , the Karaka for it.

Srila Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Krishna, a great Vaishnava Saint of 15th century in eastern India. Though, malefic planets in 3rd house are a welcome combination, not for Sainthood. In contract, look at the Jaimini Navamsa chart. In fact, Moon as Poornargala with no virodhargala, aspecting Atmakaraka itself is pravrajyayogaa for a Saint.

Ketu in the 12th house in watery sign with aspect of exalted Sun and Mercury indicate the highest order of spirituality in the native.

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Mercury in 5th house with Sun gave him the kno wledge in Mimamsar5 Sastra and Vedanta respectively and he defeated most of his contemporary scholars. Sage Jaimini speaks in his Upadesa sutras vide Translation: If full Moon and Venus occupy the Karakamsa or its 2nd, the native will be a person in enjoyment and well educated. Though Moon is not in KL but for his strong aspect on KL, Sri Chatanya was not in enjoyment of worldly affairs, but he often falls in ecstacy of Madhra Bhakti and he was well versed in the Sasthras.

Krishna Mishra is very specific that combination of Saturn with Jupiter, or Saturn in Jupitarian signs makes a person belongs to Ramanuja Vaishnava Sampradaya. The conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu is not welcome, but three benefic planets veto the po wer of Rahu. Aspect of Moon and Venus does show the attachment He has with God.

Jupiter and Mercury with exalted Saturn itself is more than enough to show his devotion towards Lord Vishnu. There is a combination in Phalaratnamala that Saturn with Rahu and aspect of Jupiter and Ketu makes a person a Yati who is an ascetic, restrained his passions and devotes his life spreading a message. It could be understood how much research was done by ancient Jaimini commentators and how the combinations given above, work in Sri Ramanuja chart.

Compare the Parasara Navamsa with Jaimini Navamsa chart, where in 12th house was not occupied by any planet excepting the aspect of a no.

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The 5th house not occupied by any planet in Jaimini Navamsa, but Sun aspects it with Poorn-argala shows his excellence in Vedanta and Bhagavatgita. Example : Srila Prabhupada; 01 Sep ; hrs. Jupiter in 12th and strong aspect of Mars with Ketu and Saturn in 12th house, though in the malefic sign, for the association of Jupiter the native is considered one of the greatest Vaishnava Saints of the last century.

If you look at Parasara Navamsa, Mars occupies 12th house from Karakamsa, which may show devotion towards Nrisimha Deva for a Vaishnavite.

Role of AtmaKaraka Planet in Horoscope

Now, look at Jaimini Navamsa chart given above. Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya is believed to be initiated by a Vashnavaite from the order of Madhva Sampradaya. Krishna Mishra attributes the influence of Saturn in own signs for the path of Madhva Vaishnava Samradaya and the aspect of Venus from a Watery sign indicate the subtle connection with Radha Devi in Goudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya.

Example: Birth details withheld for obvious reasons. Look at this chart of a most famous and equally criticized astrologer on the Internet Jyotish forums. In this chart, Saturn and Jupiter occupy the equal degrees and since the tie is between AK and AmK planets, no Rahu intrusion is necessitated. So, Saturn becomes Atmakaraka for being most advanced in longitude. Sage Jaimini says Translation: If both 5th and 9th occupied by malefic planets, then the native will be adept in mantra sastra.

If benefics aspect, he will protect the people and if malefics aspect will control the spirits.


This native is a very advanced in mantra sastra, prescribes the mantras according to the doshas in the horoscope and also wrote an excellent textbook on remedies using mantra sastra. Look at the aspect of the most benefic planets on trines. Jupiter from Sagittarius, exalted Venus and Moon from Pisces, aspect the 5th house, Mercury from Leo aspect the 9th house, which show the transformation from a mantrik into the person who protects. Though the Parasara Navamsa chart show the influence of malefics on trines, but Jaimini Navamsa is very clear with powerful aspect of all benefics on trines.

This native claims to be a Vaishnavaite and devoted to Lord Jagannatha. In Parasara Navamsa chart, Mercury occupies the 12th house in Leo, which shows that. In Jaimini Navamsa chart, no planets occupy the 12th house, Mercury and Ketu aspect the 12th house. Association of various planets with Atmakaraka either in the Rashi or Navmansha, we can get a clue for the vocation of the native.

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Here are some of the astrological combinations of planets, which shall give a glimpse of the profession of the Native. Sun is responsible to give more power, ability to rule and command, will make the native to gain fitness for a Government employment, or a high profile business executive with status and dignity. Moon is responsible for fluctuations in occupation or business, but encourages the native for business in aqua products, Marine produces, Liquid chemicals, Restaurant, Dairy products etc. Mars denotes employment in the field where courage is required and a need to be skillful, brave.

Dentists, Surgeons, Engineers are also part of this group. Mercury is solely responsible for the field of literature, arts and occupations requiring study, skill and intelligence. Usually Jupiter gives the profession of physicians, lawyers, ministers, bankers, authors, journalists, philosophers etc.

Venus is responsible to gain financial assistance through marital sources, jewellery pleasure and luxury. Saturn is responsible to the professions, such as builders, miners, land surveyors, agriculturists, labour contractors, municipal officials etc. Indirectly Rahu will give results like Saturn but some of the combination indicates different professions also.

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