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Understood properly and used wisely, astrology is a great guide to knowing yourself, the people around you and the events in your life — but remember that what you do with these insights — the final result — is up to you. Simply by knowing the date of your birth you can gain insightful and astonishingly accurate luck-making information about yourself—your strengths, weaknesses, health, relationships, destiny, career, and life goals—as well as your friends, family, lovers, colleagues, and even people you have just met.

The power of your birthday is determined not just by your ruling planet but by a number of other invisible influences and patterns in place the day you were born.

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However you decide to read this guide, never forget that every person is born unique and full of potential. For thousands of years the movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies have intrigued the best minds of every generation.

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Life holds no greater challenge or joy than this: knowledge of ourselves and the universe we live in. The Zodiac Signs and Astrology are one of the keys to this knowledge. Your Zodiac Signs gives you the fruits of astrological wisdom. In addition to general guidance on your character and the basic trends of your life, it shows you how to take advantage of planetary influences so you can make the most of the year ahead. Here you can find the Zodiac Traits for the 12 horoscope Signs.

The section on each zodiac sign includes a Personality Profile, a look at general trends for , and in-depth month-by-month forecasts.

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Step back up and try again later. This is such a nice idea. Can you buy wick and wick holders like the ones shown? These are great.

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I would love to start making these for my grandkids birthdays. I have one question where do you find the flat sheets of wax?

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A Few Things. Living With Kids: Lisa Hooks. One Month In France. A Slower Pace of Life. Kim February 16, at am Reply. What a great idea! And perfect timing too — my birthday is next week!

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